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September 2017


FL Mag Staff

Published date: 

Sep. 1, 2017

Be Bold

Clarence Henningham (pictured above), 305.901.9331,

The Clarence Henningham brand of clothing for men was founded to provide male professionals with bold business accessories to help them carry their days with confidence. Only 150 pieces are made for each design to ensure an exclusive appeal. The South Florida-based company creates colorful bowties and skinny ties with bold prints and patterns suitable for making a splash in your everyday work attire. 

Cheek to Cheek, Face to Face

F2F Studios, 3001 Alhambra St, 954.446.3731,

F2F (Face2Face) Studios is all about putting your best face forward. The services provided include hair and makeup for weddings, professional photography sessions, full salon service, henna tattoos, braid and lash bars, body painting and more. No matter the occasion, they only have one goal in mind: to have fun while making clients feel glamorous.

Witness Your Fitness

Flagler Village Crossfit, 405 NE Eighth St, 954.658.1945,

Flagler Village Crossfit offers an opportunity to get in shape through tough training in a small setting. Class sizes are limited to 10 people to ensure each individual gets the full experience. It’s more than just fitness here. It’s a place to motivate, cheer on and help each person reach their goals and continue along the path of a healthy lifestyle. They also offer a one-week free trial for those new to CrossFit.