Plunge Into Blue

The pool as soothing, aesthetic marvel.


Jane Dagmi

Published date: 

Jul. 21, 2014

    Designed to complement architecture and enrich lifestyle, pools also offer a cool, shapely mass of the world’s favorite color. Throughout history, pools have been a source of pride and a symbol of success, a place of pleasure and sport. One part ornamental folly and another part engineering feat, these manmade bodies of water – in shades of turquoise, teal, sapphire – have enticed royalty and athletes alike, plus anyone else who simply wants a beautiful private plot of refreshing blue. For South Floridians, the pool – with ledges, jets and spouts, dramatic lighting and lush plantings – is a visual focal point, an extension of the home and a peaceful place to shed the day.


pools 1.jpg


Sapphire Soak

Stately palms and stylish moorings mark an isle point where designer Katia Bates and architect Art Bengochea collaborated on a new build that creates aesthetic harmony between color and form, house and pool. Just as the resort-style, L-shape pool design flatters the linearity of the modern dwelling, navy and cobalt glass tiles and soft gray cobalt stone are simpatico with the interior decoration and Bates’ client’s penchant for coastal luxe and all things blue. 

Pool Design: Katia Bates, Innovative Creations Interior Design and Art Bengochea of A.S. Bengochea.

Photography: Craig Denis Photography.


pools 2.jpg


Party Pool

If pools could talk, this one would boast about how Robert Boyd, horticulturalist and landscape designer, topped it with Lucite and transformed it into a dance floor. Before it was ever ready to tango, however, Boyd revamped the 1950s diving pool, reducing its depth, resurfacing the inside and repaving in shell stone. Using classic ornamentation such as cast-stone pedestal planters, he heightened the scale of the pool and created showcases for native plants and a few relics from the sea.

Pool Remodel Design/Landscaping: Robert Boyd, Details Garden Design.

Photography: Myro Rosky.


pools 3.jpg


Now & Zen
   Without harming the existing mature foliage, a Bali-style pool, gracefully tucked into a secluded spot, supplies a 29’ dose of much-desired Zen. Under the spiritual supervision of Buddha, the sizeable and tranquil retreat – with its stacked stone feature wall, nighttime illumination, gently cascading waterfalls and raised stone perimeter for casual seating – is as suited for early morning meditation as it is for an after-work dip or casual gathering. 
   Pool Design: Louann Leveroni-Ellis, Essig Pools. 
  Photography: Courtesy of Essig Pools. 

pools 4.jpg

Shady Sort

In a sprawling backyard, this award-winning, open-air pool offers ample splashing room and built-in shade. The red pool umbrella, positioned on a sun shelf where folks can chill and kids can play, makes a strong color and comfort statement. And though the overall geometric pool design is contemporary, the dense flora, array of fish fountains, expanse of coral stone and garden balustrade give off a grand Old Florida vibe. 

Pool Design: Michele Sherman, Essig Pools.

Photography: Courtesy of Essig Pools.