At Home in Harbordale

A new mixed-use development is part of a trend away from industrial and towards more residential in Harbordale. read more >

A Sense of (Las Olas) Place

A new building next to the Riverside Hotel promises to fulfill a need while fitting in with the city’s shopping and dining main drag. read more >

Wood of Ages

Thanks to expertise honed over the years, Old Florida Lumber Company gives new life to old wood. read more >


A new ocean education center aims to teach youngsters – and grownups – about the sea. And its star attraction is ready to help.

In the B Ocean (or Yankee Clipper) Wreck Bar, Marina Anderson and her band of underwater performers are keeping the tradition of swim shows alive. Just don

A planned condo development is part of the trend towards smaller, boutique projects that offer all the highend amenities of beach living with less risk for

We might not give it a second thought today, but when the New River tunnel was proposed, it was one of the great local controversies of its time.

Mai-Kai | The Fit Shop | Penny Lane Emporium

If you’ve ever tried to quit smoking, you know it’s harder than it looks. Fortunately, in Florida you’ve got help. In particular, Tobacco-Free Florida and