Community Foundation of Broward’s 2016 Legacy Society Luncheon

Downtown Photography
May. 16, 2016

Guests experienced an Everglades-themed event at the Signature Grand for the Community Foundation of Broward’s 2016 Legacy Society Luncheon. Honored at the occasion were the Foundation’s 141 Legacy Society members, who are known as thoughtful philanthropists and have chosen to leave a record $200 million in future gifts to the Foundation through their estate plans. These gifts will afford the Foundation the ability to make a substantial philanthropic impact.
Keynote speaker and modern-day adventurer Mac Stone amazed the audience with his beautiful images of the Everglades, which is a part of his three-year initiative to build support for conservation of the land. CEO of the Everglades Foundation Eric Eikenberg said of Stone’s work: “Stone’s spectacular photography captures the splendor of America’s Everglades and is convincing proof that our nation cannot risk losing this unique natural wonder.”