Contributors' Guide

Fort Lauderdale Magazine strives to be Florida’s most fascinating magazine. Our aim is to present stories and photographs for and about Fort Lauderdale residents, but also to share the kind of tales that will have resonance far beyond our city’s borders. We strive to attract the most talented contributors and give them space to tell the kind of stories they want to write and photograph. In short, we want to be a writer’s magazine that’s well illustrated.

The magazine maintains a strict church-and-state distinction between advertising and editorial content. We are not be beholden to advertisers or special interests.
Fort Lauderdale Magazine covers fashion, shopping, culture, and events. We do so with large, bold photographs and articles that offer a new take not found locally. We have no fluff, no filler.
We also publish the kind of long-form journalism unique to South Florida. Our feature stories are impeccably researched and fact-checked. We ask questions nobody else has asked, and we challenge the establishment without endorsing candidates or political parties. We offer features that entertain, fiction that’s original, and page-turning photo essays that are stunning.

With our features, we aim to do the kind of profiles and in-depth stories that often capture journalism awards and can elevate regional magazines to national prominence. For an example, read “In Hockey Enforcer’s Descent, a Flood of Prescription Drugs,” a haunting and personal Pulitzer finalist from the New York Times.

Our mid-length articles ought to be page-turners, with the storytelling that defines the Good Dog section of Garden & Gun. For our short profiles -- one of the backbones of our magazine -- look to the designer profiles of Esquire (like this one), which provide a quick, tight, and well-researched look into someone’s life.

For our front-of-the-book pieces, turn to Vanity Fair, where you’ll find the kind of well-illustrated and well-written pieces that will help define our lifestyle pages. For an example, take Brett Berk’s online car feature.