A Solid Look

Solid bikinis are the perfect building blocks for a lavish look with minimal effort. Dress them up with embellished lace and print dresses and a metallic sandal or patterned heel, then head to A1A to make a splash.


Ashley Keshigian Thomas

Published date: 

Jul. 7, 2015

july 15 fashion_1.jpg

Dahlia: Pink Laura Karina Grimaldi jumper with black tassle, $305, available at karinagrimaldi.com. Carrera 61mm aviator sunglasses, $139, available at Nordstrom.

Priscilla: Out of the Closet vintage jumpsuit, $35, available at outofthecloset.org.

july 15 fashion_2.jpg

Dahlia: White Minty Meets Munt botanical print maxi sundress, $169, available at Bella Boutique.

Priscilla: Pink Myne silk dress, $279, available at Bella Boutique.


july 15 fashion_3.jpg

Dahlia: White-champagne gold Galt Ocean Swimwear reversible bikini, top and bottom each $99, available at galtoceanswimwear.com. Multi-colored Parides dress, $389, available at Bella Boutique. Jewelry available at Target.

Priscilla: Pink python print Galt Ocean Swimwear bikini, top and bottom each $99, available at galtoceanswimwear.com.  Jewelry and sunglasses available at Target.

july 15 fashion_4.jpg

Dahlia: Black beaded Karina Grimaldi mini dress, $387, available at karinagrimaldi.com.

Priscilla: Jacquard romper by Elliatt, $139, available at Bella Boutique. Jewelry available at urbanoutiftters.com.

july 15 fashion_5.jpg

Dahlia: Draco beaded Karina Grimaldi top, $343, and Draco beaded Karina Grimaldi skirt, $305, both available at karinagrimaldi.com.

Priscilla: Parides dress, $369, available at Bella Boutique. Stone beaded bracelets, $32, available at Bella Boutique.


Fashion Director Ashley Keshigian Thomas, Fashion Editor

Fashion Stylist Elizabeth Daniels, Creative Management at MC2

Assistant Stylist Leather Chantelle

Photographer Vanessa Rogers, Vanessa Rogers Photography

Hair & Makeup Courtney Christopherson, using MAC Cosmetics (makeup) and Bumble & Bumble (hair products), Creative Management at MC2

Assisted by Susie Jetta, Susie Jetta Make up Artistry & Photography

Models Dahlia I and Priscilla Ricart, MP Mega Miami