The Empire of Steven G.

Pompano-based Steven G. has built a worldwide interior design reputation, but he started from the bottom. Today he has an empire – and advice for people looking to add that certain something to their home.


Natasha Yvette Lucas

Published date: 

Mar. 1, 2017

When Fort Lauderdale people get talking about interior designs and luxurious style, it’s a safe bet that the name Steven G. will be mentioned once or twice - maybe more than a few times. The chief executive officer of interior design firm Interiors by Steven G. Inc. has created interior design projects for commercial, residential and hotels. Well‑known clients include former Dolphins Jason Taylor, Super Bowl champion Warren Sapp and undefeated retired boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr.

The interior designer has disrupted and challenged the interior design industry with art and architectural influences that have made his company’s reputation. Steven G. has two showrooms in South Florida with more than 80 employees and clients all over the world.

The interior designer was born in Queens as Steven Gurowitz and raised in Forest Hills, New York. He didn’t come from an architectural design family. “I grew up in an average middle class [home]; my dad was a mechanic,” he says. “I didn’t even know there were interior designers.” His passion for interior design began to develop when he moved to Miami Beach at the age of 19. He found work driving trucks and delivering furniture for an interior boutique. He also started paying attention to how the interior designers developed projects.

What transpired in the small boutique, [was] polishing furniture, placing lamps,” he says. “I was watching the designer work; I took a liking to being creative, dabbling in on the jobs.” He got his hands on a few books that helped him along the way, and that further fueled his enthusiasm for interior design and style, which happen to be the “growing process” in his career.

I thought being creative was fascinating, so I continued to educate myself, [I] read books, catalogs… books on art, magazine, architecture… you name it.”

When he opened his first showroom, he needed to wear many hats. “It was just me, chief cook and bottle washer,“ he says. More than three decades and two showrooms later, things have changed just a bit. Interiors by Steven G. Inc. produces multifaceted interior design styles from contemporary to traditional, transitional and more.

[We] learn about what the clients need and want by speaking to them.

Interiors by Steven G. Inc.’s diverse team of designers are fluent in Portuguese, Spanish, Russian, French and German. He’s worked on many projects across the globe, but one of his favorites came on a home in Fort Lauderdale.

“My most exciting project was a 360-degree penthouse [in] Fort Lauderdale for a client who had $30 million worth of art,” he says. “And I built an art gallery that they could live in. “

Clearly, Steven G. can do it when it comes to designing projects and creating different styles for clients. But what is the personal style of Steven G.?

Amazing lighting, amazing artwork and less furniture,” he says. “Extremely modern; as a collector of art it’s a big part of my life; definitively more modern.”

Steven G. believes that form follows function; a home has to be livable, functional, and how you live is key to success. Style ought to have longevity. “Your interior should have great legs,” he says, “and should stand the test of time.”

Tips from the Master

Hiring Steven G. to work on your house is not exactly inexpensive. But Steven and his team offer ideas for free on the company website. Here are some tips for when you’re first getting started.

Make sure your base neutrals match When it comes to colors you should start with choosing a base palette that allows for some flexibility. Warm or cool neutrals are the perfect bases to build on. Just make sure you pick the temperature and base the rest of your color scheme off of the base. Painting is the simplest, yet most transformative way to update your home. Your accent walls will really stand out against your neutral base.

Try to avoid fully themed rooms You might be in love with a Scandinavian look right now, but trends fade as time goes by so it is important to incorporate a theme without overdoing it. Entire rooms built around one theme will become dated quickly. What you should do instead is mix it up, and combine features of different looks to make them work together and develop your own style.

Bring out the pops of color The perfect room to add a pop of color would be the dining room. Dining rooms are where people gather, usually at night, which is a perfect setting where a bold color can really stand out. Bathrooms are another great place to add pops of color!

Fast Interior Design Tips

For more design and interior tips from Steven G. and his team, visit

Float your furniture Aligning every piece of furniture flat against the wall won’t make your room have more floor space. In actuality, “floating” the furniture, with space in between objects and walls, increases the appearance of space.Cut the clutter If you are having trouble finding your focal point then you probably have too much furniture already. Start evaluating every piece in each room to see what fits and what does not fit. Time for spring cleaning!

Find a focal point Every room needs a statement piece to bring attention and create balance. This focal point should be the center of attention. Neutral colored furniture will make your space more open and inviting and draw attention to your centerpiece.

Let your seats communicate Try laying out your seating so that every loveseat, armchair or couch has its own conversation partner. If the seating in your home doesn’t communicate, your friends and family won’t be able to either.

Take a photo Snapping a picture can reveal a room’s hidden potential or weed out the bad decisions. A photo will help you appraise the room from an outsider’s perspective.