Festive Libations, Florida-Style

A holiday tipple. For those who partake, it’s a fine holiday tradition – as long as you don’t turn all of December into a booze-fueled cruise to embarrassment and an awkward meeting with HR.


FL Mag Staff

Published date: 

Dec. 1, 2017

There’s something fun as well about the old ways – those drinks that get dusted off every year around this time. At the same time, c’mon people, this isn’t Indiana. It’ll be 83 on Christmas Day; it’s not like we need old-timey mulled wine as we ward off the chill by the fire.

No, what we want are drinks that look festive but feel Floridian. Thankfully, we’ve got our pals at award-winning Oak and Cane American Craft Rum. Headquartered in Fort Lauderdale, they’re not shy about sharing their recipes – so we pilfered their supply for a few ideas that say “The Holidays in Florida” better than that Jimmy Buffett Christmas album you’ve been listening to for two decades.

Perfect Pear

• 2 oz rum
• 4 oz pear juice
• 1/4 vanilla bean (seeds only)
• Sugar for rim of glass

Add rum, pear juice and vanilla bean seeds in a shaker and add ice. Shake well and pour into sugar-rimmed glass.

Florida Pom

• 2 oz rum
• 6 oz of sparkling orange soda
• 1 tsp honey
• 1 tbsp pomegranate seeds
• Orange wheel and rosemary sprig for garnish

In a highball glass with ice, add the orange wheel and pomegranate seeds. Mix together rum, sparkling water and honey and pour into your prepared glass. Garnish with a sprig of rosemary.

Cinnamon Apple Rumrita

• 2 oz rum
• 2 oz apple juice
• 3/4 oz fresh lime juice
• 3/4 tsp agave nectar
• Dash ground cinnamon
• Cinnamon sugar for rim
• 1 star of anise
• 1 tbsp diced apples

Rim glass with cinnamon sugar, fill with ice and set aside. Fill a shaker with ice. To the shaker add rum, apple juice, lime juice, agave nectar and cinnamon. Shake vigorously and pour into your prepared glasses. Garnish with star of anise and diced apples.