Light Bites

June 2017


FL Mag Staff

Published date: 

Jun. 1, 2017

La Dolce MidiCi

MidiCi (pictured above), 510 N Federal Hwy.,, 954.908.1938

The Neapolitan health-conscious pizza concept by Amit Kleinberger, who was featured in Undercover Boss, brings a taste of Naples (Italy, not Collier County) to Fort Lauderdale. The pizza makers (or pizzaiolos, as they are called in Italian) work to create authentic Neapolitan pizza using natural, high-quality ingredients. Their open, center-staged kitchen format can also serve as entertainment as you indulge in the true taste of a great Italian dish.

Just What the Doc Ordered

Doc B's Fresh Kitchen, 452 N Federal Hwy.,, 754.900.2401

Doc B’s menu includes everything from hand-pressed burgers to healthy sandwiches and entrees, to salads with daily homemade dressings, and even a variety of satisfying desserts. Their most unique meal, however, is the Wok Out Bowl, which consists of your choice of six protein bases, flavoring and a healthy carb. If the weather’s nice, take advantage of the place’s outdoor seating overlooking downtown on Federal.

Make Yourself at Home

Sapido Restaurant & Cafe, 111 SE Eighth Ave.,, 954.488.8000

At Sapido, you’ll find all your favorite Italian dishes like pasta, gnocchi, lasagna, cannelloni and more. Each dish is homemade, making you feel like you just stepped into a close-knit Italian family’s Sunday dinner. The modern twist comes into play with their gourmet Italian-style sandwiches and organic coffee. The cozy atmosphere is coupled with wooden accents and a wall displaying their large collection of wines.