Periodic Treats

Chill N Nitrogen Ice Cream


Published date: 

May. 1, 2016


Periodic Treats1.png

Ice cream is sometimes a little too, well, icy, but this chillin’ spot avoids the flaky ice pieces and ensures an ultra-creamy potion by flash-freezing their concoctions with liquid nitrogen right in front of you (so cool!). Choose your cream base (ice cream or yogurt) and pick your flavor(s) and “mix n’s” (toppings) from a periodic table to create your very own nitrogen ice cream compound (which they write out for you on your cup). So, if you order, let’s say, an ice cream-based Dulce de Leche with Brownies and Chocolate Syrup, your compound would look something like IcDlBrCy. 

2422 N Federal Hwy. 305.925.7530