Treats for Tricksters

On Halloween, it’s important to find favorite sweetly sinister tricks-or-treats – for kids and grownups.


FL Mag Staff

Published date: 

Oct. 1, 2017

Bobbing for…whatever

Bobbing for apples at a Halloween party is fine in a place where apples are all you’ll get, but this is the subtropics. You can bob for anything! One place we recommend for all your tropical bobbables is Bender’s Grove in Davie. Shop there and you can bob for dragon fruit, guava, jaboticaba, lychee, more than two dozen varieties of mango, sapodilla, star fruit … you get the idea. They also sell trees if you want year-round bobbing season in your yard.

A Killer Cocktail from Oak & Cane

Oak & Cane rum always has good advice for what to do with their product, such as “sip away.” They also know their way around a recipe, including the spooktacular “Food Coma Killer.” Take 1.25 oz Oak & Cane rum, .75oz Galliani espresso liqueur, .75oz Bailey’s, flambéed cocoa powder for the rim of the glass and a “coffee-infused sphere” (oh yes it is a thing; check YouTube), and have a killer time.

Hoffman’s Chocoholic Survival Kit

In no way do we here at Fort Lauderdale Magazine wish to impugn the fine Halloween reputation of tiny versions of big-brand candy bars. But sometimes, for special trick-or-treaters, you need something a bit more bespoke. Witness the Chocoholic Survival Kit from South Florida confectioner Hoffman’s. These West Palm Wonkas, whose Fort Lauderdale shop is on Las Olas, offer a bar of dark chocolate, a bar of milk chocolate, a peanut butter cup, two chocolate-smothered pretzels and one Snoodle, which Hoffman’s aficionados will recognize as caramel and pretzel pieces lovingly embraced by milk chocolate and sprinkled with chocolate jimmies.

A Kremlin Wolf

Admit it – “Kremlin Wolf” is the Halloween costume concept you wish you’d come up with before reading the words just now. As it happens, it’s also the name of a tasty, dark-as-the-night Russian imperial stout from Fort Lauderdale’s Khoffner Brewery. Khoffner’s one of the most interesting breweries on the ever-expanding local brewery scene, and this is a tastily dark creation.