Project Lauderdale Wine Server Chair

Jane Casoria turned an old chair into a wine server chair. A functional piece that’s a perfect conversation starter!



Published date: 

Nov. 3, 2015

1) Find a chair (barstool height) at a thrift store ($2-5). Sand, prime, paint, and finish with three coats of satin polyurethane.


nov project lauderale.jpg

Gather supplies.

A jigsaw, screwdriver, screws, hammer, small hacksaw, ice bucket, three to four old belts, liquid nails, hook for back, mosaic supplies for seat (see #4), mastic, grout two-part resin.


2) Shelf Option #1- To add a bottom shelf, have wood cut to fit. Cut metal flashing with tin snips; wrap and secure with liquid nails and roofing nails. Leave natural or paint an aged patina. 


2) Shelf Option #2- To add a glass shelf, use three lattice strips cut to size and three square dowels cut to size. With liquid nails, glue to form an upside down “T,” then glue to underside of the seat and paint.


3) Seat prep and wine holders. Measure ice bucket for hole, towards the back of the seat. Cut hole; make sure bucket won’t fall through. On sides of chair, measure belts for wine bottles to fit in. Cut belts; (use buckle end for the top); secure to chair with liquid nails and a screw.


4) For seat finish use any form of mosaics desired: tiles (smashed or cut), smashed dishes, cut stained glass, glass marbles, beans, etc. I used pebbles and broken windshield glass. Adhere with mastic and grout if needed. Wrap all sides of the seat with belts, leaving a little lip above the highest level of mosaics. Secure with liquid nails.  When all dry, flood the seat top with two-part resin according to instructions.


5) Pull up your self-contained chair and you’re ready to store, chill and serve wine and munchies.


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