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Deb Cay

Published date: 

Aug. 1, 2016

RHA S500i Noise Isolating Earphones An ultra‑compact in-ear headphone with a remote and microphone made for iPhone. The aluminium alloy construction is elegant and lightweight, perfect for someone who is design-oriented and values good quality. $49.95, Available at Brookstone.

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LumaRX Mini Hair Removal Device Ideal for more precise targeted areas that are typically smaller or have greater contour. Ideal for the the female face (as well as underarms and bikini line). The Mini is best used for touch-ups after using the Full Body Hair Removal System or undergoing professional treatment. $379, Available at Nordstrom.

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Scrabble Luxury Edition Board Game There is nothing like a word war with family and friends. Impress them with this luxury edition that offers high-class design. The gaming system boasts a faux leather playing area, built-in storage and easy playing access for everyone as the board rotates. $199.99, Available at Brookstone.

Goods Scrabble Luxury Board.jpg