Kitchen Essentials



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Mar. 1, 2016
G-2.pngGlobal G-2 - 8-inch Chef's Knife
// A drawer filled with knives, but you never seem to find the right one. Well, the Global G-2 8" Chef’s Knife is the only knife you may need in the kitchen. this do-it-all handcrafted masterpiece can take care of everything from the precision dicing of vine-ripened tomatoes to the heavy-duty chopping of red meat.
$117.95, Available at and


CM6000BDM Cafe Select Dual Brew Coffeemaker_cmyk.pngBlack & Decker Café Select 12-Cup Dual Coffee Maker
// A morning cup of regular brew for the family coupled with the perfect single cup of specialty brew for yourself,
at the same time. With the Black & Decker Dual Coffee Maker it's so easy to do just that. One side brews up to
12 cups with grounds, and the other side uses K-cups for the perfect 12-oz. cup of joe.
$189.99, Available at Macy’s and



Wine Chiller Stick
// The My Wine Passion Wine Chiller Stick is a way to keep your bottle of vino a perfect temperature while allowing your dinner party décor to remain in perfect balance. The Chiller Stick is a unique stainless steel device that gets rid of the need for a bulky wine chiller bucket. This genius device allows air into the bottle, cools and pours all at the same time.
$39.98 available at
StePHen’s Stovetop BBQ Grill
//  The Stephen’s Stovetop BBQ Grill is sure to satisfy your charred-line needs when outdoor grilling is not an option. The smokeless non-stick grill boasts an 11-inch round cooking surface, with handles that stay cool to the touch. Stephen’s Stovetop BBQ Grill is excellent for whipping up perfectly grilled meals, from beef patties, poultry, fish or grilled veggies to kabobs and more.
$59.00, Available at
3842_Digital.pngDigital Glass Top Kitchen Scale
// Having a well-balanced meal takes on a more literal meaning with household kitchen scales on the rise. Whether measuring that perfect piece of salmon, weighing out the exact amount of almonds for your protein smoothie or simply needing to know how many ounces your not-so-flaky and airy biscuits weigh, this Taylor Digital Glass Top Kitchen Scale is a powerhouse when it comes to weights as low as 0.1oz/1g. It even has a feature that allows a zeroing out of weights when using bowls and plates. Great for keeping your portions under control.
$25.99, Available at Target shops and