A Stylish Accent

Unusual and Hard-to-Find Items

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Apr. 1, 2016
1. SHAGREEN BUNCHING TABLES add something stylish and versatile to your home with a set of bunching tables that look chic whether separated to balance out a room or bunched for a creative coffee-table setup. Set of two $837, Le Vie en Blanc, 658 N Federal Hwy., 954.762.9922, lavieenblanc.net. 

Shagreen Bunching Tables_La Vie En Blanc.jpg

2. SISYFOS COFFEE SET with only 200 ever made, this elegant coffee set molded by artist Jiri Lastovicka from the Czech Republic is an artistic addition to a cupboard. (Note: While there’s a good chance this coffee set will still be there if you visit, they also have lots of other similarly funky products.) $2,495, Coastal Consignment, 5435 N Federal Hwy., 954.533.7505, coastalconsign.com. 

Skinny Man Cups.jpg

3. BOAT WOOD NIGHTSTAND made from the repurposed wood of decommissioned boats that previously worked the waters off Bali, these funky nightstands offer colorful island accents while providing in-home functional durability. $295, Cargo, 2301 NE 26th St., 954.568.5944, cargoimportedfurniture.com. 

boat wood nightstand_Cargo Imported Furniture.jpg

4. NAUTICAL CLEAT SERVING BOARD WITH FORT LAUDERDALE COORDINATES This Fort Lauderdale-themed serving board is both beautiful and handy thanks to its two stainless steel nautical cleat handles set within maple and mahogany woods, made by Soundview Millworks. $120, Cactus Flower, 3020 N Federal Hwy., 954.561.4161. 

Serving Tray.jpg

5. BUDDA HEADS enhance your home’s peaceful ambiance with an authentic stone bust of the Buddha, carved in India. Small $1,699, Large $2,499, The Broward Design Center, 795 E Sunrise Blvd., 954.523.0840, thebrowarddesigncenter.com. 

Budda heads.jpg