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Ditch the image you have of a Greek joint with flying napkins, diners dancing on tables, and waiters yelling “opa!” every five seconds. Instead, Thasos serves up the food of Greece in a minimalist and modern setting draped in white. The kitchen is the focal point, visible through a long rectangle opening along the back wall. And if moussaka is where you stop with Greek food, the kitchen’s offerings will surprise you. Here, it’s all about simple, good ingredients, like grilled cuttlefish and octopus served in olive oil and a few capers. Small plates shine, including a feta spread with roasted peppers, lump crab cakes boasting almost no filler, and a Greek salad dominated simply by fresh tomatoes and feta. The Mediterranean sea bass comes whole, grilled for 30 minutes and flavored, again, with nothing more than salt, pepper, and that great olive oil. Wash it all down with an ouzo martini that tastes of licorice or a Karpouzo, with vodka, lemon, watermelon, and rosemary. If you must, go ahead and yell “opa.”