Sep. 6, 2014

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Fort Lauderdale Beach Blvd, Fort Lauderdale

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Saturday, September 6, 9am to noon



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SOS Ocean Clean Up

Keep it Green and Blue

Stoked On Salt joined the Project AWARE Foundation, which is a growing movement of scuba divers protecting the ocean planet – one dive at a time.  Project AWARE, which stands for Aquatic World Awareness Responsibility and Education, is designed to engage snorkelers and divers in activities such as beach cleanups, waterway cleanups, establishing marine parks and protected areas and pushing for legislative action to protect endangered marine habitats and species.

We as snorkelers and divers spend a great deal of time in the water.  As a result, we often are the first to see the short term and long term changes in the aquatic environment. This makes us uniquely qualified to call attention to the threats that the underwater world faces. 

Of course, we also have a important responsibility to protect the aquatic environment whenever we interact with it.

Stoked On Salt is a strong supporter of Project AWARE. With new programs and more online resources than ever before, Project AWARE supports an unprecedented global movement of divers acting in their own communities to protect oceans and implement lasting change by taking local action and supporting the policy change necessary to prevent and reduce rubbish entering our ocean.

The rubbish removed makes the ocean safer for marine life and the information reported can help convince individuals, governments and businesses to act against marine debris. The trash accumulating in the ocean, floating in the waterways and on the shoreline -  is turning our beautiful beaches, State Parks and reefs into “rubbish dumps”.

None of our waste belongs in the ocean. Yet, it continues to make its way to the most remote ocean places and can remain for generations. Much of our waste products do not biodegrade and many plastics, for example, break down into smaller fragments posing danger to marine life and human health. Together, we can change and work towards a clean, healthy ocean planet. 

Stoked On Salt wants to invite the community to support the Project AWARE movement for a trash free ocean and environment. Every year tens of thousands of marine animals and seabirds die from eating or getting tangled in marine debris - our waste in the ocean. But our local actions can contribute to a clean, healthy ocean.